Select can fit barriers, access control, bollards and shutters. Protect your staff, visitors and members of the public with Select.

Automation at Select Security

Select Security offer comprehensive automation systems which are designed to either restrict or improve flow. For more information on how Select can help you, please contact our offices here. 


Parking is a luxury, but security is a necessity. Especially in towns and cities, as you won’t want people taking advantage of the facility you provide for your staff and customers, or entering secure or dangerous areas. Whether you’re keeping an eye on who uses your parking, restricting access for security reasons or even planning to charge customers to park. Select has the right automation system for you.



Select designs, installs and maintains a wide range of automatic door systems, from simple garage doors to industrial shutters capable of opening in as little as five seconds. These doors can be integrated with your existing security system and operated from anywhere there is an internet connection.


Select provides a comprehensive range of static bollards, telescopic bollards and hoop barriers, each range includes products in different specifications so you can choose the style that will deliver both the security and look which your project requires. Bollards are a great way to control access, deter against ‘ram-raiding’ or simply provide pedestrian walkways. We even have barrier systems capable of stopping an articulated lorry in its tracks.


Does solar power work in rainy old Britain? YES it does. Select has installed solar-powered automated gates of all sizes in locations throughout the UK. The solar panels simply require daylight to act as a ‘charger’ to the battery, not sunshine. Solar systems require far less power than traditional systems, therefore we can install a solar-powered system miles away from the nearest power supply.



Automatic arm barriers block the path of oncoming vehicles and can be raised to allow the vehicle to pass through. A highly-visible and common security device, they are a cost-effective way of controlling parking. Select’s automatic gate systems are designed to be used in conjunction with a variety of entry systems such as video entry, time clocks, proximity cards or tokens.

Words Of Encouragement


We offer complete service in high-end electronic and physical security systems. We will work out your security needs – whether it’s CCTV, intruder alarms or tracking devices- and provide bespoke, high-tech solutions for you. Whether you run a multi-national company or own a small, rural smallholding. We have clients in the residential, agricultural, educational, commercial, industrial and government/ public sectors.



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