Why your business should consider investing in access control and electronic locks …Keeping your business profitable these days can be tough, and ensuring the security of your property, goods and personnel is one of the most important ways of making sure your business is successful.
Investing in electronic access control offers numerous benefits over traditional lock and keys, so if you’re considering updating the security of your organisation’s premises, here are some of the key advantages of access control and electronic locks: Access systems are a visible deterrent to the vast majority of would-be intruders. Most burglars are not skilled in any way at trying to disengage or breakthrough electronic locks and access systems and will simply find somewhere far easier to target. Even if they do have a good knowledge of technology, the security levels are so high on these systems they would be wasting their time and putting themselves at serious risk of getting caught by even attempting to override them.
Access systems enable you to know exactly who is on your premises and when. This has a multitude of benefits, including fire safety (the fire brigade can be told the exact number of people who are in the premises) as well as security, ensuring only certain staff have access to particularly sensitive areas of the building, helping to ensure the safety of stock for example.
Access systems can provide valuable insight into your staff and how they work and are managed. You can see staff movement and timekeeping, and put in measures to improve and manage this.
If you have traditional locks and keys, it can be difficult over time to keep a track of who has access to a key for which building etc, which means you’re not fully in control of your site’s security. Having access control and electronic locks fitted means that all your security can be dealt with centrally, giving you much better control of it, thus putting your property and goods at much less risk.
Lost keys are no longer a problem with access control systems. If someone loses their access card, it is simply deleted off the system and a new one issued. Quick, easy and efficient and your security is not breachable like before if the lost key is recovered.
If you have multiple sites, access control can save you a significant amount of money. Wherever your sites are in the world, it’s possible to control them all from one central point, cutting down on the number of staff you need significantly to deal with security whilst not compromising the safety of your property, goods or employees.
Car parking can be a particularly emotive subject at some companies. If you’ve got particular employees who you need to ensure are able to park safely and securely (disabled staff for example or mobile engineers who may need to park close to the building to replenish the stock in their van), then this is easily done with an access control system, restricting the parking in certain areas to authorised personnel. If you’d like advice and guidance on how access control and electronic locks could be of benefit to your business, then call us:
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