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Access Control.
Improve or simplfy access with leading technology and expertise. Protect your staff, visitors and members of the pubilc with Select.
Select Security
Select are highly regarded in our industry. We have provided some UK leading solutions for complex nationals, including the UK’s first virtual reception system.
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Access Control?

If you own a business premises your front door is often a busy entry point and it can be a a security hazard if you can’t keep track of who’s going in and out at all times. For home owners, having an entry system for a front door gives added peace of mind and security too. You might need a single door entry system for a home or home-based business, or a large multi-door security system for a factory or warehouse. The main thing is that you need to track visitors and keep security tight, especially in areas such as secure stores, server rooms and archives.

PC Based Systems

Networked systems with multiple entry points all controlled from a single PC. This system is ideal for commercial properties which require higher security levels.

Standalone Access Control

Single-door systems, with each door operated separately using security cards or keypads. This system is most suitable for low-security areas or private homes.

Always Have Control

For the security of your staff, possessions and property, contact us for more information.

Which System?

Select offers a complete range of door entry systems from the basic, single door entry kits for residential properties, to the sophisticated video entry systems required by large businesses or factories. We have an impressive range of audio and video door entry telephones as well as electronic keypads, card readers and proximity devices for commercial customers, allowing businesses to control who has access to their property. We also have systems that can keep a security database of movements within a building or commercial area.

Wireless Control

For where you may not have easy access to a PC network.

Words of encouragement from Select


Whether your project is in a remote location, a busy city centre, or huge industrial complex, our team can get the job done. We pride ourselves on our customer service and the quality of our work. 
In 2016, we won the Monmouthshire Business Award for Innovation, and were shortlisted as a finalist in the 2017 South Wales Business Awards.